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“Gräem” derives from the phonetic spelling of gram, the unit of weight.

We are a European inspired nut roaster, specializing in nuts, chocolate and dried fruit. We source our products from small farms and producers from around the world. With a highly curated selection, we are continuously learning and discovering new varieties of nuts, leading to our motto: “An almond isn’t just an almond.”

It is simple to say that an almond is an almond, but there are many different varieties within each nut type. Nut varieties vary based on their origins and climate. Therefore, we focus our nut collection on sourcing a diverse mix, in order to show the different characteristics of each nut.

Nikki Crugnale

Nikki is an aspiring entrepreneur. Her dreams of opening a retail store are rooted from childhood. She began her entrepreneurial journey while in college by creating various business concepts.  

Traveling has been her biggest inspiration for Gräem. Through her travels she became inspired by many cultures, leading her to create a concept that combines her passion and vision. She is always looking for new creative food ideas. She achieves this by visiting international food markets and discovering new producers.